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Three Categories of Debtors and How to Work With Them

Three Categories of Debtors and How to Work With Them

The following three situations account for almost all of our calls, even though no two cases are identical.

1. People Who Seek to Fix a Mistake They’ve Made

These people are the most amenable to assistance. Sometimes people fail to pay an invoice, experience temporary cash flow problems, or perhaps never received the bill in the first place. Providing a wide-array of payment options to make it incredibly easy, and moving forward with debt repayment as soon as possible can be the answer in these situations.

2. Individuals Who Contest the Debt or Want to Postpone Payment

Some disagreements are entirely legitimate. We could call the wrong Bob Jones or the incorrect number because we received false information or because the account was paid in full but incorrectly recorded. We’ve developed a Dispute Form, which assists in getting our agents the correct information, and a Report a Wrong Number Form to help address disputes swiftly.

Sometimes a quarrel is simply a justification for not paying. It’s crucial to hear the debtor out respectfully, look over the creditor’s records and notes, and then decide what to do after weighing all the available information.

3. Individuals Who Will Genuinely Struggle to Pay Back the Debt

These scenarios can be the most challenging to handle, and this is where CGI collectors typically excel. Many people encounter difficult financial circumstances at some point in their lives, and the only way out is via creative problem-solving. You must implement a solid plan and see it through. To help the debtor improve their overall financial situation, our collector’s role changes to that of a consultant, who looks at the case holistically for solutions outside of the debt owed to our client. Our staff members find it extremely fulfilling to assist a debtor in overcoming their immediate problem and making long-term changes. 

Employing knowledgeable, problem-solving collectors will enable you to receive payment swiftly and return to the work that generates new revenue.

Use our online service to submit the account for collection if the debt is legitimate, but the consumer is unwilling to pay..