Debt CollectionProven System

Some companies with delinquency problems refuse to deal with collection agencies.

Many feel they cannot afford paying commission or have had bad experiences working with agencies. At CGI Credit Guard, we know the problems identified with our industry, and we do not allow them to infiltrate our company.

We specialize in commercial debt collection!

Most debt collection agencies pursue large volume retail debt such as credit cards, bank products, cable, utility and communication companies. As a result, many smaller commercial clients (business to business) needing third party recovery fail to receive proper collection expertise. The recovery of commercial debt can be arduous and complex. It requires the expertise of a collector knowledgeable in legal procedures and all facets of debt recovery.That’s where we come in. Credit Guard’s expertise lies in the commercial business sector. We take pride in servicing the commercial business sector and offering top-notch results..

With respect to commission rates, we are competitive. It is more cost effective for a company to pay an agency a commission, rather than to write-off an account completely, or pay a law firm to attempt to recover it.

We succeed as a company by providing our clients with efficient and effective collection services.

It is as simple as that!!