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Accounts Receivable Management – Our Philosophy

In today’s increasing credit environment, effective accounts receivable management is essential to a company’s financial health. At CGI Credit Guard, we understand that the loss of write-offs is not limited to the cost of the product or service, but includes, in addition to time spent on in-house collections, lost revenue from future sales.

Upon receiving a delinquent account, our first step is to determine the precise nature of the problem. Is it a period of financial stress or the beginning of the end of the company? Is the debtor unable or unwilling to pay? Once we have answers to these questions, we work to recover your money by adhering to the following principals:

  • To conclude each and every account promptly, while keeping you abreast of all activity with regularly scheduled status reports
  • To always conduct ourselves in a professional manner, as you do not need negative feedback through unethical collection practices
  • Work all accounts thoroughly (we do not gloss over small balances or skim files)
  • Where appropriate, we endeavor to re-establish your relationship with the debtor

Our clients come to us locally, nationally and internationally, and include some of Canada’s leading commercial and retail wholesalers and distributors, finance and leasing companies and small businesses serving all industry classifications.

At CGI Credit Guard, we feel the longevity of these relationships is testimony to our pragmatic and “results” orientated business philosophy.

Accounts Receivable ManagementOur Service Standards

Time is money! Literally.

Not only do we understand this concept at CGI Credit Guard, but we also understand how to save clients a great deal of both in the long run. We bring experience and knowledge to the table when dealing with debtors and all decisions are based on current and reliable facts.

What this means for our clients is “no learning curve”…no incurred costs to bring us up to speed..

At CGI Credit Guard, “service standards” mean:

  • Punctual response to client inquiries
  • Practical, cost effective solutions to client problems
  • Progressive file management
  • Timely resolution to clients business