The Comprehensive Collection Agency

The Comprehensive Collection Agency

It is well known that when sending past-due accounts for collection, CGI Credit Guard clients assume no risk. Our policy is straightforward, NO COLLECTION – NO FEE!

The truth is that not all past-due accounts can be recovered, and the likelihood of recovery lowers with each day that passes. This makes very old or statute-barred accounts often the most difficult to collect. Businesses in debt might frequently run out of money while still owing a sizable sum to secured creditors and the CRA. Using leverage in those situations can be challenging if the loan grantor lacks security. Even credit bureau reporting has a limited impact on a company that has permanently ceased operations due to insolvency.

Here are some of the many benefits CGI Credit Guard customers receive without charge as part of our service offering for each account you refer to us:

    • Contact debtors for payment that suits their preferred communication method – phone, email, SMS text message, and postal campaigns.
    • Flexible payment options include credit card, Interac eTransfer, and corporate check.
    • Complete consumer and business credit bureau reporting to Equifax, Transunion, and Dun & Bradstreet.
    • Credit bureau monitoring.
    • Credit inquiries on files assigned for collection.
    • Complete skip-tracing services to find elusive debtors.
    • Corporate searches as required.
    • Client data is transferred securely.
    • Local – all call centres and employees are located in Canada.

It is costly and time-consuming to report unpaid debt to credit bureaus (and update the records when the debtor pays in full); also, not all collection firms or even lawyers offer this service. Because an unpaid file in collections reduces the debtor’s credit score and can prevent them from obtaining a credit card, loan, mortgage, vehicle lease, or even some jobs, it gives creditors tremendous leverage over them. Using CGI can also significantly reduce disbursement costs.

Give CGI Credit Guard a try if you haven’t already experienced our swift collection and sector-leading skills. Submit a collection today.