Five Traits That Make an Excellent Collection Agent

Five Traits That Make an Excellent Collection Agent

Ever wonder what makes a great collection team? At CGI Credit Guard, we look for talent that demonstrates the following five character traits:

1.) Communication:

Communication is essential to a collection agent’s success. When an agent can effectively listen¬†and¬†communicate the debt collection message to a debtor, they put themself in a position to resolve differences. At the same time, they build a trusting relationship. The more effective an agent’s communication strategy, the easier it becomes to find common ground and enables them to be seen as problem solvers. The collection agent’s ability to resolve issues lies to a great extent in effectively communicating in this regard.

2.) Negotiation:

The word negotiation is derived from the Latin word “negotium” and means the art of dealing with people. A compelling collection agent is an assertive negotiator who approaches the negotiating table with a well-planned outline of their objectives. They share needs and boundaries in a fair and upfront way. They balance respect for the other person’s differences and needs with their duty to advocate for themselves. A great agent will demonstrate a sincere eagerness to work with the debtor during this process.

3.) Empathy:

Empathy is the ability to sense other people’s emotions and imagine what someone else might be thinking or feeling. Empathy transforms collections by providing debtors with a dignified, relationship-based approach to repaying debt and makes the process easier for all parties. The best collection agents use empathy to understand each debtor’s situation and what action to take next. The agent can then view the problem from the debtor’s perspective even when they disagree, allowing the debtor to be free and open up rather than display hostility.

4.) Goal-Orientated:

A goal-oriented person always has a set of goals in mind. These can be numerous short-term goals that they want to achieve within a deadline. And these goals will indeed include long-term goals that keep them going. A goal-oriented individual’s sense of purpose guides them to achieve goals. Exceptional collection agents understand that their success is linked to their client’s success which drives them even further.

5.) Persistence:

And finally, the best collection agents understand that persistence is critical, especially despite opposition, obstacles, and discouragement. The top agents all have one thing in common, they never give up, no matter how tough the job may get. 

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