BC Small Claims Limit Increases to $35,000


On June 1st, the Small Claims Limit in BC increased from $25,000 to $35,000.

Creditors can now sue larger outstanding debts in the more streamlined BC Small Claims system which could mean a quicker collection result.

Of course, the same debt collection questions remain – is it worth suing? And, will a judgment enable a creditor to collect? These are questions a professional collection agency can often answer before a creditor spends time and money on a court process.

Current Small Claims Limits in some other Provinces:

Alberta $50,000

Saskatchewan $30,000

Manitoba $10,000

Ontario $25,000

Each province has different small claims rules and procedures, and some small claims courts, like Manitoba, do not offer a default judgment without a court hearing that the creditor must attend first.

Before deciding if court action is necessary, a creditor can assign the debt to a professional collection agency.

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