CGI Credit Guard never uses an automated calling system (auto-dialers) or makes robo-calls – ever.

Using auto-dialers and robo-calling in the collection process may work on occasion, but can also create more problems than solutions.

What do collectors do when they’re on an auto-dial desk? They sit and wait…and wait… until someone answers the phone and is patient enough to hold while the system connects the call to the collector. What do these collectors do while they wait? They’re not working any other files for you. They’re not doing any skip tracing to locate a missing debtor. They’re not doing any other work that can move the collection process along. They’re simply waiting for that one moment when a debtor, any debtor, answers the phone. And, if collectors are lucky enough to actually get a real, live debtor on the phone they have a fraction of a second to figure out exactly who the client is, how much is owed, and any other details needed to try and collect the account.

You know what happens when collectors sit at a desk tethered to a computer waiting for a software program to connect to a live person? They get bored, and maybe a bit tired. When the system finally connects to a debtor, collectors may not be as sharp as needed to properly handle your account.

Technology does not collect debt. People do.

There are legal issues with using an auto-dialing system as well. A recent BC Supreme Court case outlined an instance where a debtor was called an additional 126 times after the debtor had already filed a complaint about excessive calls from the collection agency’s auto-dialing system. Of those 126 calls it appears the auto-dialer connected the collector with the debtor just one single time.

Collectors at CGI Credit Guard are experienced and trained to collect your debt by actively pursuing and working your account – not to sit idly at a desk waiting for the chance to speak to a debtor. We’re actively working – for you.